About Us

Established in 1872, Saratoga Spring Water Co. has been bottling premium spring water for over 140 years.  Located in Saratoga Springs NY, we currently produce a full line of natural, sparkling, and flavored spring water products. We are sold throughout the United States and internationally.

Our Philosophy


Do things right.

Have fun and take pride in our work.

Honor our rich heritage by continually striving for excellence.

Premium Products

 As America’s premium domestic spring water, our products are made from the finest spring water, bottled in award-winning packaging, and guaranteed by the experience gained from our 140+ year history.

Our Partners

Saratoga Spring Water is sold throughout the United States and internationally. We are proud to be served in some of the world's finest restaurants, hotels, resorts, grocers, and cafeterias.  As we grow into new markets, we are excited to be able to share our brand with new customers that appreciate premium American-made products.

Environmental Mission

To remain mindful of our impact on the planet, to stay vigilant over our use of natural resources.  To be thoroughly committed to making responsible environmental choices.

To promote sustainability, recycling, and waste reduction.

Bottling Facility

Our bottling facility today combines decades of rich history with state-of-the-art processes.  Each bottle is carefully crafted and continually monitored to ensure quality, freshness, and the exceptional Saratoga taste that people know and love.

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