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Caring for Fresh Flowers

- Monday, February 15, 2016

You have just received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from that special someone, but there’s only one problem…in all your years, you’ve never been successful in keeping the flowers alive for more than a few days. Give your flowers the best care possible, keeping them fresh and extending their shelf life, with these fresh flower care instructions.

1. Before the vase. Remove any greenery from the bottom of the stems and cut 1”-2” off of the stems in a bowl of water to prevent extra air from going into the stems. Design Mom says it’s a good idea to trim the stems a bit every day to help the flowers receive the most water and nutrients possible.

2. Two truths and one myth: “All flowers need is water, love and sunshine.” The myth is that all flowers need sunshine. However, when placed in a vase, flowers should avoid direct sunlight. Wind (including ceiling fans), direct sunlight, and ripening fruits that emit ethylene gas, can dehydrate the flowers and cause the buds to close up and petals to have poor color. It’s best to keep the flowers in a cool spot, as they bloom best in temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees.

3. Water. It is very important that you actually change the water every other day. In addition to changing the water, it’s beneficial to clean the vase. This habit will help reduce germs and any debris from the stems that creates that slimy water and ultimately dead flowers. The fresh water should be lukewarm, unless yours are bulb flowers, which need cold water.

4. Flowers need brain food, too. As soon as the flower is separated from the plant, it loses the nutrients it needs to survive. Ask the florist for extra flower food to add in the water each time you change it out. To learn how to make your own homemade flower preservative recipe, click here.

Each flower type is unique and needs its own specialized love and care. Click here to learn about specific care instructions.
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